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To Live and Let Live

Since the lockdown, we have seen different self-made life coaches telling people how best to live through these times. While these may be helpful as guides, placing ultimatums and perpetuating the idea that not doing these “productive things” equates laziness or lack of ambition is destructive. We are not on a holiday, we are currently in a forced lockdown because the world is experiencing a pandemic that has affected millions of people in every part of the world.

Realistically, this may be a time of continual tranquillity for some people, and engaging in productive activities can help boost their mental wellbeing. However, the ultimatum being placed on productivity this precarious period may trigger anxiety. It is okay to not learn a new skill during a pandemic. People are dying, these are not just figures. It is okay to want to unapologetically tune out, it is okay to watch movies that will help you relax, it is certainly okay to discuss your fears and hope with loved ones.

Feeling entitled to any form of check-in message from anyone now is unfair. Rather than expecting one, why not be the one to reach out? The cancel culture of today has equipped us with an unworthy sense of entitlement and flimsy excuses to destroy things. Maybe when we seek out the friends we plan to cut out, we may discover how difficult it is for them.

What the world needs after a cure or vaccine is compassion.

You may decide not to do anything, but this is not the time to expect anything from anyone. Some people may come out better while some may come out worse. What the world needs after a cure or vaccine is compassion. Understand that people who haven’t used the lockdown to start a new business, or learned a new skill are not lazy or don’t those who don’t reach are awful. Understand that these are difficult times and coping mechanisms are different.

There is wisdom in allowing people to be, at living at their own pace. A lot of people are struggling to live with our new reality. Some are at the frontlines fighting the pandemic, some have relatives or friends who have died, at the frontline or adversely affected economically by the lockdown. Thereby having no desire to create, establish anything, or even check up on anyone. I hope that as the world heals (it will surely do), that it makes us kinder to it and its inhabitants, and that we check on our wellbeing rather than what we learnt or achieved.


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

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